We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of therapeutic muscle and joint care, while still offering the public very reasonable and competitive pricing. We think everyone should be able to afford to be healthy, happy, and pain-free. All of our therapists are Registered with either NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) or MTAS (Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan), and give receipts at the time of payment for each treatment.
All treatments- therapeutic, deep tissue,
​or relaxation- are priced the same based
​on time-length of session booked:
* 30 Minute = $50.00 + GST
* 45 Minute = $65.00 + GST
* 60 Minute = $75.00+ GST
* 90 Minute = $105.00 + GST
* 75 Minute Myofascial
​Release Therapy= $90.00 + GST
* Addition of Cupping= $​10.00 + GST
* Addition of Hot Stone ​Therapy
  ​= $10.00 + GST​​​​​​
* Addition of Graston Technique= $20.00​
* Addition of Bolster in Prenatal Treatments=
   ​No additional charge​

 *** Payments to Thrive Muscle Health & Wellness can be made with cash, debit, and/or any credit ​including American Express***

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Appointment Types & Pricing